Applies To:

Call2Teams - Customers


When adding the Teams Service to the account, users will have the option to Sync their users:

This means that administrators will be able to synchronise with Office365, making it easy to build the list of users to be added to the account.

With this option disabled, administrators will need to manually enter each user.

Adding Users

Following a successful sync the service portal will not 'automatically' show users on the Users page.

However, a full list of users has been built in the background.

These will be available from the drop down menu when adding users. 

Note: No such drop down appears if users are to be entered manually.

Note: Once users have been added it is a good idea to re-sync with Office365 to ensure any manual changes are pushed up to Office365.

Issue: None of the customer's users have phone numbers assigned in Office365

After running a Sync the message "None of your users have phone numbers assigned in Office365" appears. 


This means that the customer has not set a phone number on any of their users in Office 365.


To resolve this, use the Office365 Skype for Business legacy portal to assign phone numbers to users.

Issue: Users do not appear in the Add Users list

Following a successful sync, customers cannot see any users in the Add User drop-down menu.


This may be caused by existing plans/services in Office365. 


Remove any/all non-required calling plans that may previously have been used.

A debug Sync can also be performed on the portal which provides greater diagnostics. 

A debug Sync is performed by pressing Alt+Shift when clicking the Sync Now button.