Applies To:

Call2Teams - Partners


When upgrading or ordering licenses it is useful to understand the different types and their purposes.

To add licenses users will need one of the Administrator roles that includes Subscription Contributor (directly or inherited).

Learn about Administrator roles here: Administrators & Roles

User - Standard PBX User LicenseC2TUx
User - Standard Trunk User License. The x represents bulk licensing quantityT2TUx
Trial PBX User - expires after 30 daysC2TUT
Trial Trunk User - expires after 30 daysT2TUT
PhoneApp UserC2TPA1
Trial PhoneApp UserC2TPAT
Brand Essentials (Branding and Template Management)BRESSEN
Dynamic Emergency Trunk (for breaking out Emergency calls)C2TDET
Trunk Static IPT2TIP


When the required licenses reach one of the defined volume discount SKUs, users can add the offer licenses for that SKU and remove the individual licenses to benefit from the saving.

A customer has 77x T2TU1 trunk user licenses and now wants to add a further five seats, bringing the total to 82 licenses. Rather than add those five, instead, add 82x T2TU80 licenses (to benefit from reaching the 80+ milestone) and then remove the 77x T2TU1 licenses.

Further subscriptions may appear on the Subscriptions tab of the account. These are subscriptions directly related to the Partner account. In some cases, customers may also find bespoke Subscription Offers which have been created to accommodate tiered volume discount SKUs.