Applies To:

Call2Teams - Partners


If your Partner Account has been created you can now begin building client and sub accounts below this.

For Microsoft CSP customers wishing to purchase/create customer accounts, please read this article.


Before you can create an account you MUST have Administrator Access linked to a valid O365 account and you must also have Account Ownership and Subscription Contributor roles on the Call2Teams portal.

Creating The Account

Navigate to the correct base level account under which the new sub account is to be created.

Click the Blue Add Account button as shown below.

To get the account management screen, click on the logo in the top left or the 'Person' icon in the top right.

If you do not see the Blue button when on this screen, you should check your Administrator Role on the Account tab and raise a request for an amendment via a service desk ticket. 

If you cannot see this screen, you can gain access to it by ensuring you are at the correct Base Level, achieved by clicking on the user icon in the top right or alternatively clicking the Accounts icon as indicated.

When you click the Add Account button, you will be presented with a screen similar to the one below, where you should enter the client details and select the subscription licences you require.

You can order and amend licences and subscriptions at any time, after the account is generated.

The above screen will also allow you to invite an account administrator as required. The default role is Account Owner. Administrator roles can also be amended later if you need to give greater administrative rights to your client.

Where an Office 365 administrator may not have their own Office 365 email address, it is still possible to pass them a Call2Teams activation link. Simply send an admin invite using an alternative email address.The invite is not linked to the recipient and can therefore be activated by any valid Office 365 user.