Applies To:

Call2Teams - Customers

Pre-Setup Checklist

Ensure that the user performing the initial setup has the following:

Setting Up The Service

There are three steps to work through when setting up the service:

  1. Navigate to the Services tab on the portal and set up the customer's PBX or Trunk.
  2. Navigate to the Services tab on the portal and enable the Sync function in the Teams settings.
  3. After running a Sync, click the Add User icon to configure end users.


Most questions and issues faced during setup are covered by the contextual help links embedded in the portal, as indicated by the help symbol:

Click the help symbol where it appears in the portal to view the relevant tooltip.

Use this Knowledge Base to search for answers to common issues. It is recommended that users check for articles on issues before raising a support ticket.

Priority Cases

You can raise cases with the following impacts directly via the widget:


Setting Up/Minor Concern

Issues Affecting Some Users

For Service Down (100% Outage affecting ALL users) please call our support line for immediate assistance.

UK/EU Support:   +44 330 822 5055

US/CAN Support: +1 917 4739492

For everything else: +44 330 822 5000