Applies To:

Call2Teams - Customers


When adding a PBX Service, customers must enter the information that the service requires in order to connect to and allow voice traffic through to their PBX.

To help with this process, several PBXs are listed on the service portal, with some basic details pre-loaded.

If the customer's PBX is not shown in the list, use the Custom option as described below.

Adding A Custom PBX

Select Custom Template or click My PBX is not listed.

Selecting Custom Template shows the following form:

NOTE: Fields marked with an asterisk * must be completed

The most essential information needed by the service is the SIP Domain or Realm.

  • This is often referred to as the SIP Server and the SIP Proxy. It is the domain used by the customer's PBX for outbound connectivity.
  • The domain and proxy will be the same as that used by the customer's PBX. 
  • If the customer's PBX is on-premises then just provide public IP address and leave the SIP Proxy field empty.