Applies To:

Call2Teams - Partners


Partners make offers available for their customers to purchase.

Any licenses purchased to make use of these are referred to as Subscriptions.


Offers include:

  • User Licenses (including Phone App)
  • User Trial Licenses
  • User Internal Licenses
  • Brand Essentials (for branding and template management).

Subscriptions that are directly applied to the Native Partner Base Account

These are applied via the subscriptions tab:

  • Dynamic Emergency Trunk
  • Branding (Full White Labelling)

Internal Use Subscriptions

Partners may wish to make use of our discounted licensing for their own staff. 

These may have been configured in a trial/proof-of-concept account before being fully onboarded. 

Internal-User licences are discounted for Partners only and are intended for staff communications. As such, these licenses cannot be offered to clients and must be ordered and amended through a Service Desk request.

For demo and testing purposes please make use of the trial SKUs. 

If a test environment is required to be more permanent than the 30 days afforded by the trial SKUs, please contact the Account Manager to discuss our permanent Partner-Demo option.

Please see Here for more information.