Applies To:

Call2Teams - Customers

What is OneClick?

OneClick allows you to set up the Teams Service quickly and easily and prepares for Office365 user synchronisation.

You will need a spare user licence on Office365 to make use of this service but this can be removed after the setup completes. For customers who don't have a spare license,  the free trial of the "common area phone" works a treat and won't cost a bean. This is found in Billing ->purchase licenses. Search for "common".

If you do not or prefer not to use OneClick, you can set the Teams service up manually but you will need to enter a domain and publish DNS entries. Click the following for more information: Teams (Standard) DNS settings

For more details on the 'Spare Licence' requirement please click Why do I need a spare O365 licence?

What Do I Do?

The answer is simple. Just click the Enable Service button on the Teams tab. The Enable Sync checkbox should be ticked for the best experience.

If Sync is not enabled you may see the following screen:

Click on Enable Sync to get started.

What Happens Next?

You will be prompted (twice) for permission to allow Call2Teams to access your Office365 Account.

The first time allows Call2Teams to run a simple setup script and the second allows access for user configuration based on your user parameters in Call2Teams.

Call2Teams will now start an initial Sync between the Call2Teams platform and Office365.

This process can take several minutes and is largely dependent on the Office365 platform speed.

Once this stage completes, you will see the following Sync button appear in the top right of your screen, displaying a green tick:

That's it. You are now ready to add your users.