Applies To:

Call2Teams - Customers


This error is caused by a conflict in licensing.


This error occurs in two scenarios:
1) A number is being applied to a user who is recently licenced and Microsoft have not yet updated the user database to acknowledge phone system capability.
2) The number is being moved from one user with the licence recently removed, to a new user. Microsoft produce this error as the act of removing a number from an unlicensed user is not needed.

3) The user has been given the Virtual Phone System Licence rather than the regular Phone System Licence

4) The user has an existing MS calling plan.


In the first 2 cases the issue is minor and is resolved by waiting a short time and running the Sync process again.

For item 3 you need to amend the Phone System Licence. The error will clear on the next Sync. The Virtual Phone System licence should be reserved for Service Accounts

For item 4, this is not usually an issue because users with MS calling plans are not Synchronized in. This only occurs where an attempt is made to Sync in a user with an MS calling plan and the tenant is set to Large Tenant Mode. Where this is set these checks are not made. You will need, therefore, to remove the MS Calling plan if you wish to Sync the user.