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When attempting Sync for the first time, the pop-up shows Acquiring Microsoft Access Token - invalid_client


The Microsoft Office 365 tenant is not fully setup, or the setup has failed:

Cause: The API needed for authentication is missing from the Microsoft 365 tenant

A standard Microsoft API is required for the automatic setup process to properly function. On some Microsoft tenants this API is absent and the process fails.


Resolve this issue by clicking the fix button on the Getting Started page wizard corresponding to the check for "Microsoft tenant supports Direct Routing configuration":

If this does not resolve the error, proceed with the below:  

Cause: Office 365 internal setup has failed

On some occasions the Microsoft Office 365 system orchestration can fail and provision services out of sequence. 

This leads to a lock-state on some of the elements within the Office 365 permissions database. 

This situation can occur when Teams is under heavy load.


The Azure permissions for the service must be removed and the setup process must be run again.

Follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to   
  2. Select "All Services"  
  3. Click on "Azure Active Directory"     
  4. In the Manage section on the left menu bar, Click on "Enterprise Applications"     
  5. Click on the branded Call2Teams application to open a new screen    
  6. Click on "Properties 
  7. Click "Delete
  8. Confirm the deletion
  9. Wait one minute     
  10. Access Call2Teams again
  11. Give consent