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You have a tenant to whom you have provided a free 30-day trial licence.

This allows them to test the platform and evaluate it for themselves before committing.

The 30 day period has now expired and they have no service.

Trial Licences Expiry Notification

As a Native Partner, you have the responsibility of maintaining and monitoring the licences you have provided to your customers. We currently have no way to alert you as to when a Trial licence is due to expire.

Do Trial Licences Convert To Full Licences Automatically?

Trial licences are free for 30 days and do not auto-convert because essentially, the client account may only have been created on a temporary basis without any commercial agreement in place between them and yourselves.

Can A Trial Be Extended?

We do not support extension of trial licences. However, once the licences expire (or before), you can either add full SKU licences to the client account or remove the client account and create a new one.
With the new account you can, of course, opt to provide a further trial but, you would need to go through the setup process again.

More about automatic account removal

When a trial ends the subscription state moves to Cancelled

Subscriptions are applied to Accounts. If an account has never had any subscriptions created against it and it has no child accounts, then it will be deleted after 28 days.

Once all subscriptions for an account are Cancelled the account will be deleted after 14 days if no more orders are placed.

Thus if you create a trial, the customer account will show the active subscriptions. This is viewable in the subscription management area and the customer portal will show available licences.

When the trial finishes, the subscription is cancelled and the service will remain configured but will cease and yellow triangles  will be displayed against users for 14 days.

Yellow Triangle - User Unlicencsed

After 14 days of remaining in a cancelled state, the customer account will be removed by the system.

These business rules are in-place for platform management and to ensure data retention & deletion obligations are adhered to.