Applies To

Call2Teams - Customers


Where TLS is needed to communicate between the service and the customer's PBX/Trunk.


This feature is supported, however there are specific requirements for both the certificate and TLS protocol used for successful integration:

The certificate type must be a PKI certificate.

This certificate must be issued by a recognized certificate authority. It cannot be self-signed.

The service uses the Mozilla Foundation trusted CA list. Further information and a comprehensive list of certificates are available here.

The certificate must be served directly. It must be served by the PBX/Trunk, not merely trusted by the PBX/Trunk.

TLS v1.2 or above must be supported.


Users can check their SSL status using an online tool such as the one available here:

Firewall access must be given.

If the customer is using DNS Records in the realm or proxy field without any SRV records then by default the service will attempt to communicate for TLS using the standard secure SIP port of 5061

Users can amend this by including a port in the proxy field; for example



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