Applies To

Call2Teams - Customers


The service requires the following Microsoft Licenses:

Microsoft Teams Phone

The service makes use of the Teams Direct Routing feature to integrate between the Teams platform and a PBX. This requires a Microsoft Teams Phone license.


Microsoft Teams Phone System

The Microsoft Teams Phone System license is required for Dial Pad in Teams and allows calls to be made via Teams.

This is an add-on to all Office 356 plans.

It is included in the E5 plan. 

See the diagram below for an explanation of licensing needed, depending on Microsoft Customer level:

Customers do not need to change any of their current license levels for Microsoft 365, to use the service.

Note: It is advisable to buy the Microsoft 365 Business Voice license "Without calling plan". 

This is not available in the Microsoft Portal; it must be bought through a Microsoft Licensing Distributor.

Optional Licenses:

Microsoft Teams Rooms Standard/Premium

If a meeting room is equipped with a Microsoft meeting room device such as Microsoft Teams Rooms, Microsoft Surface Hub, or collaboration bars for Microsoft Teams then the Microsoft Teams Rooms license should be applied.

Common Area Phone license 

This license has been recently renamed Teams Shared Devices

It was considered for MS Teams phone devices in a common area (such as a reception area, lobby, or conference phone) and user accounts tied to a Common Area Phone license, but now it can be used for all users from O365 Business Basic to the E3 license.

US government licensing on Microsoft 365 is split into two types:

  • Impact Level 4 (L4) or below: L4 covers data such as Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI) and/or other mission-critical data that is used in direct support of military or contingency operations. It may also include data such as designated as For Official Use Only, Law Enforcement Sensitive, or Sensitive Security Information.
  • Impact Level 5 (L5): L5 accommodates data that is Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI) that may require a higher level of protection than afforded by L4 data. The severity of the impact of data is considered by the information owner, law, or other government regulations. It can also be considered by the agency that owns the information and needs a higher level of protection than L4 provides. L5 data also covers unclassified National Security Systems.


L5 customers (also known as GCC High or DoD) are more challenging, both technically (Direct Routing is configured differently) and for security vetting (US citizenship is required for all people who have access). These elements mean that this level is not currently supported by Call2Teams.

Neither of these US Government Licenses is being supported by the Call2Teams platform yet.