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Call2Teams - Partners


At the Partner Base Account level, we will enable a range of subscription Offers for you to make available as Subscriptions on your client/sub accounts. At the Base level of the account, we refer to these as the Offers. As each is applied to a client or sub account, the Offer becomes a Subscription against which a value will indicate the number of Licences applied.

The Subscription Offers are shown below:

User - Standard PBX User Licence. An x represents bulk licensing quantity C2TUx
User - Standard Trunk User Licence. The x represents bulk licensing quantityT2TUx
Internal User - reduced rate for partners' internal users - (upon application)C2TU-Ix
Trial PBX User - expires after 30 daysC2TUT
Trial Trunk User - expires after 30 daysT2TUT

If you use the Getting Started Wizard to create an account, you will be prompted to enter your licence requirements, in which case you will find you already have licences on the account you wish to amend.

Follow the instruction below to either amend the values of existing licences or order new licences.

Managing Subscriptions

The subscriptions are managed from the base account screen:

Click on the drop-down arrow to view/amend subscriptions for the selected account.

If you cannot see this screen or the account you wish to manage, you may need to launch it by clicking on the accounts icon at your partner level.:

Alternatively you can navigate to the correct base level by selecting it from the user icon in the top right of your screen:

The Subscriptions Section

Existing Subscriptions may display a screen similar to this:

If you wish to amend the quantity of any existing subscription, simply click on the pencil, amend the quantity. The Old quantity and total cost will be shown alongside the new values. If you're happy with the amendments, click the blue Update Subscriptions button.

Purchase Services Section

This section allows you to add Subscriptions for available Offers that have not been ordered as indicated in the Subscriptions section.

To add licences for the required subscription, simply amend the quantity. The total due will automatically increase as you go. When satisfied you have finished, you can click the blue Order Subscriptions button.

Internal Use Subscriptions

As a Partner you may wish to make use of our discounted licensing for your own staff. It is likely you may have had these configured in a PoC account before being fully onboarded. Internal-User licences are discountered for Partners only and are intended for staff communications. As such these licences cannot be offered to clients and must be ordered and amended through a Service Desk request.

For demo and testing purposes please make use of the trial SKUs. If a test environment is intended to be more permanent than the 30 days afforded by the trial SKUs, please contact your Account Manager to discuss our permanent Partner-Demo option.