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The difference between Proof Of Concept and Trial/Demo Accounts:

  • Proof Of Concept accounts are offered by Dstny Automate to potential partners on a 90-day free evaluation. These accounts cannot be offered to clients.
  • Demo or Trial Accounts can be offered by the Partner to their clients. These are 30-day free trials.

Setting Up A Demo Account

Firstly, add the new client account.

When adding subscriptions, choose those that are indicated as trial licenses.

Account Expiry

Trial Licenses will expire after 30 days without warning. 

It is the responsibility of the Partner to note this and ensure full licenses are added to the account within 14 days of the trial expiry in order to prevent the client account from automatically being removed by the system. 

If an account has expired it will need to be recreated. The is no 'restore' facility.

Do Trial Licenses Convert To Full Licenses Automatically?

Trial licenses are free for 30 days and do not auto-convert to full licenses.

This is because essentially, the client account may only have been created on a temporary basis without any commercial agreement in place between the client and the partner. Partners may add full licenses at any point during the trial and these will be automatically applied to users when the trial expires. 

Full licenses are chargeable from the point of addition.

Trial Extension

There is no facility to extend a trial period. The only option is to create a new client account and add the required trial licenses. It is not possible to add trial licenses once a trial has expired.

About Automatic Account Removal

When a trial ends the subscription state moves to Cancelled.

Subscriptions are applied to Accounts

If an account has never had any subscriptions created against it and it has no child accounts, then it will be deleted after 28 days.

Once all subscriptions for an account are cancelled the account will be deleted after 14 days, if no more orders are placed.

If a partner creates a trial, the customer account will show the active subscriptions. 

This is viewable in the subscription management area and the customer portal will show available licenses.

When the trial finishes, the subscription is cancelled and the service will remain configured but will cease and yellow warning triangle icons will be displayed against users for 14 days.

After 14 days of remaining in a cancelled state, the customer account will be removed by the system.

Parent accounts will not be deleted whilst child accounts exist.

Newly created accounts will auto-delete if no subscriptions are added to the account within a 30 day period.

These business rules are in-place for platform management and to ensure data retention & deletion obligations are adhered to.