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Call2Teams - Partners


The monthly invoice will show a quantity of one subscription for simplicity. 

However it will correctly show the total invoice value indicating the total amount payable. There may also be an arrears entry. 

This simply indicates that licenses were added or amended partway through the previous month and are being charged retrospectively.

Invoice Breakdown

This is now available directly from the Call2Teams portal, via the Billing tab.

Administrator level access is required to view the reports on the portal. 

Contact the customer's internal Customer Services or Provisioning Manager to grant access as a Subscription Viewer.

From the Base level of the Partner Account (showing the list of client accounts), select the Billing tab:

The Subscription Value is used to show the up to date position regarding licensing.

The total bill will also include subscription amendments relating to license changes made in the previous billing period.

By clicking on any of the available download links, customers will be able to view a .csv (comma separated values) breakdown of their invoice.

Order History

This tab is a quick and easy way of checking any changes which may have affected the invoice during the last billing period: