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Call2Teams - Partners


Call2Teams communicates with Microsoft Teams using a cloud-based Teams connector. The One-Click Second Generation (2nd Gen) connector uses the existing global bespoke global SBC network, and it also routes media traffic through the updated carrier-grade SBC media clusters. This provides a wider range of audio codecs, better handling of transfers and faster response times.


The upgrade to 2nd Gen in actioned through a portal button that will reconfigure the Teams connector for the account in question, automatically. However, this requires some preparation and planning before the upgrade process can be invoked.

Firstly we will detail how account services are enabled for sub accounts. Following this is a guide on the upgrade process you or your clients will need to follow to apply this variant upgrade.

Adding The New Variant

Checking Availability of the Service

The One-Click 2nd Generation service has to be added to your base Partner level account by Qunifi. If this variant is not available at the base level, you will not be able to offer it on to any Client/Sub Accounts. The easiest way to check this is to see if the option is available to any of the accounts in question. If it is, you will be able to add it to this account and/or to new accounts as required.

All the changes shown on this page relate to giving the Client/Sub account the option to upgrade to the 2nd Generation variant. No changes here impact existing services. When creating new accounts, please ensure other variants are disabled.

Existing accounts won't automatically have the latest Teams Connector enabled. For example, our Sample partner has the 2nd Generation connector available, but the existing customer account 'PC' is still using the 1st gen connector:

We can tick the 2nd Generation option here to allow the upgrade instructions to be followed. Note that ticking the 2nd Generation option does not start any upgrade process, it merely gives the customer visibility of the option at the point of adding a Teams service. It is a safe change to make.

New accounts we create will automatically be enabled for the latest services only.

In the example below, you should untick One-Click but leave One-Click 2nd Generation ticked.

It is safe to untick the original One-Click and enable One-Click 2nd Generation on an account that is already configured. This will not remove the existing Teams Service Connector, but means that if the Teams Service is removed and re-created (as per the upgrade instructions) then the new Teams service will be configured to use the 2nd Generation connector. Note; One Teams Service must always be enabled.


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