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Call2Teams - Customers.


A guide to adding or amending a large quantity of users.

Note the following:

  • All imported telephone numbers must be in E.164 format: [+][Country code][Subscriber number]
    • Example: +4412341234567
  • Telephone numbers cannot have special characters, nor spaces in the middle or at either end.
  • Excel may corrupt E.164 number formatting, see the section below for more information on this.


When a user import function has been performed, any existing users (those updated by the imported data) will not re-register for several hours. To force an update of these existing users, do a 'Save' action on the PBX settings page in the 'Services' tab on the portal.


This Bulk Import process covers adding and amending users.

1. Navigate to the Call2Teams Users Bulk Import page.

2. Select the service to attach the users to - this an existing PBX or Trunk service on the customer's account.
  • For a PBX Service, customers can add or update users.
  • For a Trunk Service, customers can only update users - primarily for updating email addresses when synchronizing to match the number to the user.


The CSV template file will be amended depending on which service the customer selects.

3. Download the template:

Template Types
PBX Users

Notes:This is used as an identifier and may match the SIP Auth nameThe user's real nameIMPORTANT: This MUST match the teams email address of the userThe user's phone number on the PBXThe SIP Auth name used on the PBX deviceThe SIP password used on the PBX deviceUse this field as a unique identifier if customers have any matching SIP usernames, or leave blank

Trunk Users

TrunkNumberNameEmailCaller IDExternalId
Notes:This number MUST match one of the trunk numbers included in the ranges for the selected trunk serviceThe user's real nameIMPORTANT: This email address MUST match the Teams email address of the userMust be in E.164 Format.
Must match the Trunk Number or a Service Number
Use this field to uniquely identify the user, or leave blank.

4. Fill out the template and save it with a suitable name.

5. Return to the Call2Teams Users Bulk Import option. Customers may need to re-select the appropriate service.

6. Choose an Import Type:
  • For Trunk users, there is only the default choice
  • For PBX users customers can choose to match the user (if existing) on their SIP username or, if customers have previously set one, their External ID

7. Upload the CSV file created from the template.

Important: Formatting Excel Files

Creating Excel files with the correct format

When creating the CSV file, it is important to format the cells so the phone number is stored as 'Text' before entering the numbers.

If the cell is entered with the wrong data type then Excel will remove the leading plus sign from the beginning of the number, making the upload file invalid. 

If this happens, a file with a large number of incorrectly formatted numbers can be fixed with the process below:

Correcting Excel's removal of the leading plus sign on E.164 numbers 

When creating CSV files in Excel, the E.164 format is frequently overridden by Excel's mathematical functions, removing the leading plus sign from the telephone number. 

To remedy this, follow this process:

  1. Select the top left cell as indicated in the screenshot below, to highlight every cell.
  2. In the dropdown box, ensure that 'Text' is selected.
  3. Ensure all numbers are entered in E.164 format