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Call2Teams - Partners


You will find reference made in several documents, to a Base or Native account. You will also see references to the Customer Portal.

You may, also, be an Administrator on more than one account. So how do you decide which account you wish to work on?

None of it is clear. What am I missing?


Native Partners

The use of the term 'Native' generally means that the contract exists directly between the Partner and Qunifi. We may occasionally refer to the Native Partner Account. In this context, we are referring to the Partner's Base Account. See below.


Base Account

When your account is first set up, you are given admin access so you can add sub accounts for different purposes.

This initial account can be referred to as a Base account because it is the account from where you can manage all the offers and subscriptions of the sub and client accounts you will create below it. You may also refer to this as the Account or Client Management page.

In your base account you may see something similar to this:

What you see will depend on your Administrator Role.

At the very least, you may see a sub account for your own staff which may be labelled something like Company - Internal Use.

In the far top left corner you will see the Call2Teams (or branded) logo. Clicking on this will take you straight to your base level account and the screen shown above.

Clicking on the Account Portal link in the top right of the above screen, will take you to the Services and Users management page. The base account will not have any of these but this is also where you can manage Administrators and any subscriptions applied at the base account level.

Client/Sub Accounts

Management of the offers and available services for the client accounts is managed by clicking on the black arrow adjacent to the Account Name on the Base Account Screen.

If the Client Account has sub-level accounts of its own (example: you have sold to a reseller who themselves have clients), you can manage the Base level Account of that account by clicking on the Account Link icon from your own Base Account.

If you are already viewing the Base Account of a Client Account, you can return to your own Base Account by clicking on the relevant bread crumb as shown below:

Customer Portal

If you wish to manage the Services or Users of a client account you can jump straight in by clicking on the Portal Link from any base or sub account.

If you are already at the root level of the account you wish to access, you can also just click on the Customer Portal link in the top right of the screen.

Switching Between Accounts

In the top-right corner of the portal you will see a small mannequin. If you click on this, it will allow you to choose the account you wish to manage.