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Call2Teams - Customers


Ensuring that the customer's network, firewall, and routers are set up to handle Teams SIP call traffic.

See this article for Microsoft-specific information:

Preparing Your Network For Microsoft Teams

Allow Lists

We do not recommend listing specific IP addresses for Call2Teams traffic on firewalls as our IP Addresses can and will change as required as the service expands. 

However it is possible to check the existing addresses and then modify the Firewall settings if required:

Firewall settings

Users can establish the exact addresses by running the following commands depending on which platform you are on:


nslookup -type=txt


dig +short -t TXT

These commands will produce a list of addresses that should be entered into the Firewall's allow list table.


Alternatively, use MXToolbox to look these up. 

Look for DNS TXT records for


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