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Call2Teams - Partners


Accounts are structured in an hierarchical fashion which can result in several account or sub-account layers. Client accounts or Internal-Use accounts are usually sub-level accounts of a Native Partner Base Account. In some cases a 'Source Account' maybe a 'Proof of Concept' or 'Trial' Account. If a client or the users of a 'Source' account need to be moved between Partners or other Sub Accounts, there are a few ways this can be achieved.

Migrating Users and Services

This method expects the MS 365 tenant to remain the same. This is suitable for accounts where the services and users wish to be moved to a brand new sub-level account under any Native Partner.

If the Partner or Reseller differ from the Source Partner or Reseller, we will need written permission from both the source and the new provider.

You will need to raise a Service Desk case with us and include this permission.

You should create the new Sub-Level Client Account under its new target Base account but do NOT create any Users or Services or Administrators at this stage. You MUST, however, ensure that sufficient licences of the types required, are added to the account. We will check these at least match the existing source account and advise any discrepancies.

We will perform the Migration and advise when completed. All Users, Services and Administrators will now have been migrated away from the old Source account and will appear in the newly created target client account.

The old source account will expire after a 14-day cooling off period. You may amend Administrators on the new Sub/Client account as you wish.

Can I Move Users/Accounts Myself?


This may be preferable in some cases, especially if there is a change in the MS Tenant. The simple rule is to create the new client/sub account first and begin to add the services etc as you would for any new client. If you have a large volume of users to add, you might wish to consider using the bulk import option.When you are ready, you should remove the users, licenses and services from the old account and Sync the new one.

Residual Calling Policies

Any residual policies in the Microsoft Admin portal that might cause conflict following a migration may need to be removed before a new Sync can be performed. You can simply remove anything that contains

Domain Conflicts

Call2Teams sets up 2 domains for a Microsoft Tenant. If, following any of the above processes, you find there are more than 2 or any conflict exists, it is safe to remove these and perform a fresh Sync.