Applies to

Call2teams - Customers

Latest Note

Microsoft are changing the name of the Phone System Licence to Teams Phone Licence. Please be aware that references to both may continue to co-exist for a time. 


The Customer Setup Wizard provides guidance through the initial setup process and ensures the setup prerequisites are met before commencing.

The first screen performs the following important checks:

The wizard is present on the Getting Started page of the portal and will be the first page shown following initial login and until the first service is configured.

Customers wishing to bypass the wizard can do so by directly selecting the Services and Users tabs and performing the manual setup steps.

The prerequisites are verified on the first page; the wizard will not continue if either:

  • The wrong admin level is applied to the logged-in user
  • There are no spare licences available to the tenant for the setup process to use

These items should be resolved for the wizard to continue

A warning is shown if the customer does not have the correct Phone System add-on licences, this will not prevent the initial setup stage from proceeding, but will prevent the user setup stage completing later.

The Wizard takes the administrator through 4 steps to get to a successfully configured service.

  1. Prerequisite checks
  2. Configure the Trunks or PBX services as determined by available subscriptions
  3. Configure the MS Teams and Microsoft 365 account
  4. Configure user settings

Following these 4 steps the customer should have a service configured and ready to use.

The wizard process can be paused and will continue from the completed point next time the administrator logs in to the portal.

The setup process can be performed manually at any time when in the wizard process by selecting the Services or Users tab from the menu. This may be necessary if there is an issue with Microsoft 365 that causes the Sync Now process to delay, or if licences change when the wizard is in-progress, Simply click the Services menu to complete the PBX/Trunk setup and the Teams setup, then select the Users menu to add and configure the users.