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Latest Note

Microsoft are changing the name of the Phone System Licence to Teams Phone Licence. Please be aware that references to both may continue to co-exist for a time. 


Microsoft recently announced Operator Connect, as part of their deployment of Teams Calling. Operator Connect is in the trial phase. Microsoft is focusing on partnering with large telecoms companies that can deliver the resources for automation and integration. 


What does it mean for our Call2Teams™ partners? 

As a Call2Teams partner, you are in a good position. 

With Call2Teams™ you can provide a hybrid offering, voice-enabling Teams with enterprise-grade telephony. You can remain in a position to negotiate minutes and numbers. Importantly you can bring value, with quality telephony solutions that clients need.

For SIP Trunk providers … 

With Call2Teams™ you have an out-of-the-box offer. You can steal a lead on Operator Connect. Gain and secure customers and build your market share. Read more 

For PBX operators and integrators…

 With Call2Teams you can remain agile. As a pure-cloud solution, Call2Teams enables you to bundle servicesadapting configurations to meet client needs. Making sure you bring value, giving customer the Teams experience they want without compromising on features or resilience. Read more 

We’ve got your back. 

With Call2Teams™ you have a valuable, quality offer. We maintain and operate the complete high-availability Teams Direct Routing infrastructure, so you don’t have to. Just some of our recent feature updates include: 

  • Teams True Transfer 
  • Trunks number ranges and Caller ID settings
  • Smart Wizard set-up 

With further exciting feature updates just around the corner. 

You can be sure of a quality UCaaS solution, with Call2Teams™ being the leader in Microsoft Teams direct-routing-as-a-service and native calling. 

What does it mean for the Call2Teams™ end-user? 

Call2Teams™ effortlessly voice-enables Microsoft Teams, providing value-add, with several features over and above the standard Teams phone license. With Call2Teams™ you can retain your feature-rich enterprise-grade telephony, whilst getting Teams integration. Meaning you are not constrained by the capability of the Microsoft phone system. There is no need to port numbers, change carrier or try to replace an existing phone system. Read more 

Call2Teams™ – the world’s easiest way to voice-enable Microsoft Teams