**This setup is for internal calling only.**


To set up a DIDWW phone system to have a Teams member call to an internal phone.


Go to https://www.didww.com/ and create an account, its free.  You only start getting billed if you sign up of for a calling plan and DID numbers.


Once account is created, in column on the left, click on "phone.systems".  


Click on "Launch phone.systems"



Grab "internal numbers" and pull to work area.  


Name the internal number, can be an actual name of user or numeric.

Assign it a number, example: 1001





Press "Save".


Create another Internal number using the same instructions above.


Create a Ring Group.

Grab Ring Group and pull into the working area of the application.

Give the Ring Group a name.  For example:  1001 RG.  RG will need to be created for each internal number.

Click "Add Ring Destination"

Select Label:  Work, etc

Fill out Caller ID name

Select internal Caller ID


SIP Details:

Fill out User Agent, Username, Password, Domain.  

Select Save.


Redo for the next extension. 


End result will look like this:







When Microsip account is open and working, Both RG’s will show green.  




To Set up Teams:


Create a Custom PBX.  I used United States, Indiana as the Country and State. 



Go to Teams Tab and set up your Teams domain.

Enable Sync.

Add your users:

All users will register.   


Log into your Teams application and make test calls.  

To make outbound calls, follow DIDWW’s instructions for setting  up calls to go outbound.