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Call2Teams - Partner


At times you may have a tenant who has purchased licenses that have now reached the next volume discounted SKU level.  This article will explain how to move those existing licenses over to the next SKU.


To move existing licenses to the next SKU you must first do the following:

  • Purchase the licenses in the new SKU for the amount you need to cover all PBX / Trunk Users in that Tenant.

Example: You have 250 PBX users on standard licences. Click the + by the PBX C2TU250 SKU and amend the quantity accordingly

  • Once all licenses are purchased in the new SKU, then you can go to the old SKU and remove the old licenses.  
  • If the old licenses will not remove or there is an issue, it’s usually because there is a user still on the old license.  Please make sure all users are moved over to the new licenses.