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This article describes how to Purchase and use the self-service branding functionality on the Call2Teams portal.

Purchasing Branding Essentials     

Branding Essentials is a SKU enabled add-on to your Call2Teams Partner portal. It follows the Hierarchy model of the portal and will provide the branding set to any sub accounts. 

To Purchase please go to your top level partner customer portal and then to the "My Subscriptions" tab. 

Please Note: Branding Essentials is already included for White Label / Full Brand Partners.

Also Admin Users MUST have the "Branding Contributor" role to see the Branding Tab within their Partner Portal. This must be added by Qunifi via a Service Desk request. (2022-02-17).


In most cases branding will be done on the account.

However in the event of branding for a child account then click onto the 'Account Link' for said account, and continue the branding process from there. 

Select Branding Tab as highlighted:

Add Trunk/PBX template(s) if required:

The option is available to let your customers see templates from parent accounts or not. This includes the default templates. If parent account templates are blocked, the customers will not have the option to click 'My PBX is not shown' or 'My Trunk is not shown'.

Configuration of the templates is designed to be intuitive. Each field will have options to show its level of visibility to customers and options on fields that may require editing:

  • Edit Mandatory: This field is required to be filled in and will be visible in the services
  • Edit Optional: This field is optional but will be visible in the services
  • Locked Edit Mandatory: This field is required to be filled in. The lock symbol will need to be clicked to be able to edit this field. This field will be visible in the services.
  • Locked Edit Optional: This field will be locked and visible. To modify this field click on the padlock. This will be visible in the services.
  • View Only: This field will only be available to view. Any entry added at template level will not be able to be changed.
  • Hide: This field will be hidden from the services and will retain the values added at the creation of the template.

Add Company Images:

To upload the company logo (which will be displayed in the top right hand side of the portal)Select the button 'Choose Image to Upload' and navigate to the desired logo and select save. 

Crop the logo to the desired size and select save. 

Instantly the default logo in the portal will have changed to the newly uploaded one. 

The same can be applied to the portal icon (favicon). Please select the 'Choose Image  to upload' button, and select the desired icon, and then click save. 

In the Link tab, you have the ability to setup commerce and support links, and select the level of visibility along the descendants. 

Simply add company support and commerce URL's in the appropriate slots. The commerce store link will be applied on the shopping trolley icon at the top right and the support link will be applied to the question mark.

It is recommended to not select 'Visible To Account' on the main account as that will override the Call2Teams support widget as this will remove the ability to be able to log a ticket with Call2Teams.

Phone App Branding (optional)

Included with a full or partial branding subscription you will have the option to edit your Phone App deployment to customers. 

The options below must all be filled out in order to publish your updated manifest to the Teams environment of your customers (takes effect after a future sync) The sync will identify your brand update with a revision on the version number. For example V1.2.0-0001 / V1.2.0-0002


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