Applies To

Call2Teams - Customer and Partners

Note: Phone App is available as an additional 'add-on' to existing PBX services. If the option is not available in the portal then the service has not been provisioned to the account and needs to be enabled via the licensing provider. 

Phone App is currently only available to Call2Teams for PBX users.


Latest Note

Microsoft are changing the name of the Phone System Licence to Teams Phone Licence. Please be aware that references to both may continue to co-exist for a time. 

Purchase the Trial or Paid SKU

Phone App is an Add-On SKU which must be ordered on each customer account you wish to use it with.

Enabling the Phone App Service

Phone App now needs to be enabled on the customers portal under the Services Tab.

Once Enabled please "Authorize Phone App" and then run a sync.

Adding users for Phone App

The sync will now have populated users which did not have the Phone system license as shown below.

You can now configure these with your PBX SIP Credentials just like a normal Call2Teams Setup.

Once Saved, Run another sync and then follow advice here for adding the Phone App in the Teams Client.