Microsoft Reference: MS316139


Microsoft have announced they will be making some changes to the Teams Powershell support for various commands including Set-CsUser

What do you need to know

The engineering team are aware of this change and planning an update to the Sync module to use the new commands

What does this mean?

The platform sync function uses Teams PowerShell to perform changes to the customer tenant and configure users. The commands used will be changing and so this process will be updated to use the new equivalent methods.

This ongoing maintenance is fully expected as Microsoft evolve their Teams voice services and is factored into engineering plans.

Additional information:

Currently the Set-CsUser is being removed from use in late April, until then this command is supported but there is a warning in PowerShell when run manually. The existing Sync module uses remote PowerShell and the Teams version of the command is not yet supported by our module. If running PowerShell by hand, or not using the Sync Now button then either the Set-CsUser or the new Teams PowerShell can be used to set the parameters on the user, the commands can perform the same function.  The  Teams Admin Guide will be updated with the new PowerShell instructions in time for the retirement of Set-CsUser.

Further Updates

When the new Sync module is available a Change Notice will be issued to inform partners and customers of its release