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Currently the sync button doesn't remove the Resource's account's Direct Dialling In (DDI) and calling policies. You are expected to remove these from the Microsoft Tenant. 

You will need to remove these if you are planning to re-use the DDI for another user. 


Please remove the Resource Account's DDI's from the C2T portal first. Run a sync and then remove the DDI's and calling policies from Microsoft Teams using the PowerShell commands below. 

Connect to Microsoft Teams PowerShell

Connect to Microsoft Teams PowerShell Module as per the link here.

Remove DDI

Set-CsOnlineApplicationInstance -Identity "Email Address" -OnpremPhoneNumber $null

Confirm the script worked: Microsoft Teams Admin Portal >Voice > Resource Account > Phone number should no longer appear. 

Removing Policies


Grant-CsHostedVoicemailPolicy -Identity "Email Address" -PolicyName $null


Grant-CsOnlineVoiceRoutingPolicy -Identity "Email Address" -PolicyName $null


Grant-CsTeamsCallingPolicy -identity "Email Address" -PolicyName $null

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