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Call2Teams - Customers


By default the Microsoft default dial plan does not route 000 emergency calls correctly. This results on emergency calls failing when the service sends calls to a PBX or Trunk.


When using an upstream PBX or Trunk for handling emergency calling, create a custom dial plan in the Teams admin center.

Follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the customer's Teams Admin Center
  2. Open the Global Dial PlanGraphical user interface, application

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  3. Add a new Normalization Rule with the settings set as per screenshot below:
    1. The number being dialed begins with 0
    2. The length of the number being dialed is 3A screenshot of a computer

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  4.  Move the Emergency Normalization rule up to the top of the order
  5. Click Save


Important considerations

  • Teams may amend the behaviour of the dial plan and so this setting should be verified periodically.
  • Using Teams' custom emergency calling settings may affect the behaviour of this dial plan.
  • Using the Dynamic Emergency Trunk (DET) service provided by the platform may affect the behaviour of this dial plan so should be verified during the configuration of the DET service.
  • Review Microsoft Emergency calling terms and conditions regarding the use of emergency calling in Teams:


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