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Displaying the Inbound Caller Name, Populating this as a Toast Message, Showing it in the Teams Feed or Call History, is a bit of a minefield and there are several factors that need to be considered.


Firstly, there may be different considerations as to whether your users are Trunk or PBX based. Essentially, however, we will pass your INVITE onto Microsoft so you should ensure that any information you wish included, is contained within that INVITE message.  You should look at including a PAI header where possible and/or including the caller name in the FROM header.

Before we pass the INVITE onto Microsoft, we may amend the FROM and/or PAI Headers to suit your requirements. These settings can be found in the Services Template:

Displaying the Caller's Name

The above should assist in ensuring the Caller ID is correctly presented and may also pass the Caller name to Microsoft. However, whether the name appears in Teams at all, will depend on where the matching name/number contact details are stored.

You should consider a group AAD where external contacts could be shared or a Teams contact list for each user.

In Test

At this point in time, Microsoft have advised that the only guaranteed way to present a a caller name is for the Teams user (The Recipient) to create a Teams contact for the caller. This will achieve the following:

Toast pop up

Teams Feed

We have no evidence that the Teams call history will display the caller's name in the missed calls history. We are advised this is by design.


The information conveyed above is correct as of the most recent update from Microsoft. We are, however, continuing to research this and seek further clarity.