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Users may encounter a situation where, after adding a user and running a sync, the phone number or DID number for the user will not populate into Teams Admin Center or the Teams user application. 

Sometimes this is just having to wait on Microsoft to propagate the phone numbers. If this persists beyond 24 hours, then there may be another underlying issue.  

If the customer is not using Azure Groups or Security Groups then this article does not apply to them. Please refer to our other KB documents for phone numbers not populating or Dial Pad not populating. 


  • Phone numbers or DIDs will not populate on the Teams user Dial pad in the Teams application.  
  • The user will not show "true" for EnterpriseVoice Enabled.  
  • The phone number or DID number will not populate under the user in Teams Admin Center. 
  • The dial pad will show but the phone number or DID will not populate. 
  • The number does not show when running the following PowerShell command: 
    Get-CsPhoneNumberAssignment -Identity (user's email address)


It is likely that the affected users are assigned in Azure under a Security Group or Azure Groups.  

This can be apparent when using Large Tenant Mode in the portal.  

The Microsoft Phone System License will not work properly in assigning the phone number to the user in this situation. 


Currently Microsoft does not have a fix for this issue.  

To work around the issue, users will need to directly assign the Microsoft Phone System License to the user. 

Run a new sync. 

Note: It may require two syncs in order for the phone number to populate. 


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