Applies To

Call2Teams - Customers/Partners


Phone App provides a Native Teams call through the core Microsoft SIP Gateway however, due to the functionality not licensing the Microsoft Phone System some call controls are managed within the Phone App. You will notice that as the call is still a native Teams call some controls will be avalible but will not have the desired outcome.


Phone App uses the following Microsoft API; to get the personal contacts of the user. These are usually reflected in the Teams client and the contacts tab in the outlook client for the user.

More information here:

Within v1.2 of Phone App this increased graph permission requires existing but also new setups to Sync and then authorise phone app to ensure all permissions are granted. 

Hold / Off Hold

Once in an active Phone App call you will have the option to put the call on hold via the Phone App main window. 

The Phone App will mimic the same Hold scenario as Direct Routing sending an A=Inactive to the Teams Client and back to the PBX. This means that if your PBX currently supports it's own MOH with Direct Routing then it will work as expected.

To Resume the call you will notice the Active calls window changes to Resume allowing you to take the call off Hold. 

Transfer to PSTN

Within the Phone App you also have the ability to transfer an active call back out to the PSTN through your PBX. 

This Behaviour works with our Infrastuture being in the middle of the call path between the Teams Client (Party B) and your PBX (Party A). The Transfer using our Phone App is a Blind operation and has no ability to retrieve once the transfer button is pressed. This is because the REFER is handed back to the PBX with Party A now connected to the Number you transfer to (Party C).