Applies To

Call2Teams - Customers/Partners


In some rare instances with Microsoft deployments of App payloads it appears that the Phone App does not reflect that of the version deployed. 

To first confirm Call2Teams have published and installed the latest version you can check your latest sync log Job in the portal. In the example below you can see the latest version being V1.2.0

If the Teams clients of the end users show a version before this then please follow the advice below.

Clear the Teams Cache 

To first confirm if the issue is isolated to the Individual users teams client or the Microsoft Tenant please carry our basic cache clears of the browsers and exit and re-open the client. If the issue still remains see below next steps.

Remove the App in Teams Admin and then Run another Sync

Sign into with your Teams admin user 

Select Manage apps, type phone in the search and you will see Phone App

Once opened, Press the Delete button which will remove the Phone App from the org.

Please Note: while in this window you may see the Published version actually showing the latest version which due to the current issues with Microsoft updating app catalogs is actually not reflected in the local teams clients of the users.

Go back to the Call2Teams portal and Run a Sync so the Phone app is reinstalled. 

Please Note: Users will need to search for the Teams app again and Pin it to the taskbar of Teams once sync is completed. 

More information Here.